Mustang P51 ARTF Electric Warbird

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Wingspan: 800mm
Fuselage length: 690mm
Servo: 3 x 9g PZ-15178
Motor: GC-1300kv Brushless outrunner
Propeller: 8.5 x 9 (Includes Spinner)
Battery: 7.4V 2S1P 1000mah Lipoly
Mustang P51 ARTF Electric Warbird
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7.4V 2S1P 800 of 1000mAh Lipo
Eventueel 4e servo om richtings roer (en staartwiel ) aan te sturen.
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Note: A JR style Y-Cable is included for the Aileron servos.


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De Noord Amerikaanse  P51 Mustang was een eenpersoons lange afstands jager.

It proved itself to be economical, fast, well made and highly durable.

Power originally came from an Allison,

but it was much more successful with the mighty Merlin engine from Rolls Royce. 

The Famous models P51 Mustang has been carefully created to give maximum reward to the budding pilot.

The EPP construction is light and strong. 

Dog fights really become genuine fun with this range of aircrafts.

No war bird collection is complete without a P-51Mustang.
The Mustang P-51 Plug and play can be assembled in just minutes with only 2 screws for the main wing,
and a small amount of glue (included) for the stabilizer and rudder.
The model comes with ESC, Motor and Aileron/elevator servos pre-installed.
The simple 3 channel setup makes flying easy for novice pilots.
For more advanced pilots a rudder and steerable tail wheel can be installed with the addition of one 9gram servo.
All hardware including horns and control rods are included making the rudder upgrade quick, fun and easy.

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